Sunday Afternoon

We spent Sunday afternoon at Henderson Beach State Park.

The sun was hot, the water was warm and the waves were just right for the kids to ride on their boogy boards.

At one point a small group of shorebirds showed up right in front of me.
They were looking at me and I was looking at them, wondering why they were looking at me.

They were squawking and edging closer and closer to me and then the Island Girl started laughing and showed me the bag of chips she'd stashed under my chair.

No wonder they were yelling at me - they thought I was holding out on the chips.

We'd been there a couple of hours and were out in the water when the Island Girl said "There's a jellyfish so I'm getting out of the water."

Sure enough, there was a moon jelly.

These jellies have small tentacles up underneath them and their sting doesn't hurt near as bad as the sea nettle jellies that come in on occasion but they do hurt if you get a direct hit from their tentacles.

Like the Youngest Island Boy got last week.

He ran and jumped into the water and landed with the jelly spread across his back.

So when he saw the jelly yesterday he immediately decided he'd had enough swimming and wanted to go home and shoot BB guns.

Which was ok with the rest of us so home we went.

Which is where I saw this.

A combination of swimming and trying to hang his head out of the truck window on the way home from the beach created this replica of the hairstyle Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8 wears.

It's not a flattering style (on him or her) and I was glad to see that after his shower his hair went back to normal.

We have a mini range set up in the backyard so the boys can shoot their BB guns and they wanted to shoot for a while before it got too late. The Oldest Island Boy is content to stand there all day long shooting his Red Ryder.

The Youngest however has decided that he's going to join the FBI when he grows up so he yells "Freeze this is the FBI!" every time he shoots.

And he likes to sit in his play house shooting through the window.

He says he's the FBI but every time I see him do that I get flashes of Charles Whitman in the bell tower.

Then he had to go into cammo mode and shoot the Red Ryder through the shoots growing up the sides of my maple tree.

I worry about that boy sometimes.