Good Grief

Good grief. It's been so long since I've paid any attention to my little blog here that I had to look up my password to log in. I can't believe I've been gone this long.

I mentioned a while back that my computer was misbehaving and things were breaking down on a regular basis. As fast as the Island King could get one thing fixed, another would break.

And then one night I turned on the computer and got an error message telling me that the administrator had locked me out and that I would need the administrator's permission to log on.

What? I am the administrator. A little digging uncovered a virus and it was a bad one.

I had virus protection so I have no idea how it slipped through but it did.

The Island King is one of those hard headed people who refuse to take something to be fixed if he thinks he can fix it himself - and he was convinced he could fix this.

Hours he spent poking around in every registry file on the computer and as fast as he'd fix something, the virus would reinstalled itself all over again.

This went on for days and days and days. And the more the virus spread the more determined to fix it himself the Island King became. But every time he'd think he'd gotten rid of it, it would come back and then he'd rant and rave for hours.

I'd channel Andy Griffith, telling Aunt Bee to "Just call the man", and on NUMEROUS occasions I suggested wiping the hard drive clean and just starting over.

I mean really, is it necessary to find the exact files that contain the virus? Can't we just kill the whole thing and then start over? If my husband were a normal person the hard drive would've been wiped clean the first day. It's funny that some of the things I like best about him can also be the things that make me want to attack him with a skillet.

So while this went on and on I used his computer when I needed and spent more time doing other things. And realized that I spent a LOT of time in blogworld. And once I quit spending so much time on the computer I had a lot more time to do some other stuff. Stuff I used to complain about not having time to do.

Genius man finally decided that he wasn't going to find the original file that started the whole thing and he wiped the hard drive clean. Fixed the problem. Took about an hour. Well, an hour and a month, if you count how long he's been messing with it.

And I finally have my computer back.

Just in the nick of time too.
I can only stay caught up on the laundry for so long before the kids get nervous and want to know if something bad is about to happen LOL