So He's A Wolf

I was cooking dinner the other night and realized that the container I thought was filled with butter was really filled with leftover chili. I told the kids that I would be right back and I went to the Jr store.

I ran into a friend and ended up chatting for a few minutes so I was probably gone about 10 minutes longer than I would have been if I hadn't run into her.

When I walked in the door the Oldest Island Boy (who has always been my drama queen) threw his arms around me and said "Thank God you're home! I was SO worried about you"

He was kidding and the other kids knew it so they had to get in on the act. They were wailing and hugging me and telling me that they were so thankful I'd come back safely.

I laughed and told them that I was glad they missed me so much in the 15 minutes I was gone.

The Oldest said "If you hadn't come back we'd be left alone with Dad." The Island Girl chimed in and said "It would be like the Lord of the Flies around here. Only the strongest would survive."

Which prompted the Youngest to say "We'd be like wolves and have to fight for our food!"

The kids started howling like wolves and I was laughing so hard that I had to sit down right in the middle of the kitchen floor. And of course the Island King walked in and wanted to know why they were howling and what was so funny.

It took a while for me to stop laughing and tell him that the children said that him raising them alone would be like being raised like wolves.

The kids were teasing him and he thought the whole thing was funny. He told them that was right and that if he were raising them he'd not only make them go out and fight for their food but they'd have to bring some back for him too LOL

And now we all call him Wolf. He likes it. He asked them what they were going to call me and all 3 of them said "Mom" at the same time. The Oldest looked at him and said "Wolves are cool but we really need a Mom"

It's nice to be appreciated.

It's also easy to look good when you're being compared to a wolf.