An American Flag Lesson

Last week the Youngest Island Boy's scout den met at the American Legion to learn about the American Flag.

We started at the Flag pole, where the boys were shown how to raise and lower the Flag.

After we finished outside we moved inside where our lesson was taught by Captain Duncan, a retired Air Force navigator. He was really good with the boys and answered all of their questions.
He handed out comic books explaining the Pledge of Allegiance and the Flag Code and then went over them with us.

Then, he let the boys take turns learning how to fold the Flag.

It will be our den's turn to present the colors at our next pack meeting so he showed the boys how and let them practise.

The boys were really happy to learn that the Webelos, who usually present the colors at our pack meetings, have been doing it wrong. They all wanted to practise over and over again and are planning to impress the older boys at the next meeting.

The Island King and I really enjoyed the meeting too. Captain Duncan did an excellent job of conveying the importance of our Flag and our Freedom and I could tell he impressed the boys.

It was good to see our next generation learning to appreciate what our Flag stands for and how important it is.