Camping at Pensacola NAS

My Sister invited us to camp at Pensacola NAS for the Blue Angels Homecoming Show which was an offer we jumped on.

You have to be military or sponsored by someone in the military to stay in the base campground so my sister got a spot for her camper and sponsored a tent site for us.

We've never been to this campground but were really pleased with how nice it is.

There are 51 RV sites and 8 tent sites located in a beautiful old oak hammock.

The view of Pensacola Pass from our campsite was gorgeous.

The tent sites are out in a big grassy circle area and the only drawback I saw was that the sites were really exposed and it had a serious group camping feel to it.

It wasn't bad but the people next to us went to bed really early and then slept really late and we spent a lot of time whispering and trying to be quiet because they were so close to us.

It was worth it though because I woke up before anyone else around us Sunday morning and was able to sit by my fire, sip coffee and watch a stunning sunrise over Pensacola pass.

I started to go get the camera but the morning was so still and quiet and I was toasty warm by the fire and didn't want to miss a minute of that beautiful sunrise.

In the middle of the tent camping area is a giant oak tree which the kids spent a LOT of time climbing.

If we had not planned on going to the Blue Angels show the kids would have been happy to spend every minute of our trip in that tree.

There is a boardwalk leading down to the beach

Where I could have easily spent all of my time.

We did a little cooking

A lot of marshmellow roasting

And even more visiting

It was a wonderful place to camp and the best part is that it's only about a mile from the flight line. Saturday morning we were able to walk to the Blues show which meant not having to park or deal with traffic from the 150,000 people who came to see the show.

Oak Grove Campground is a clean, beautiful campground and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the ability to stay on the Navy Base.

Thanks for sponsoring us K! We're ready to come back any time.