Scout Camp Sunday

After spending Halloween cold and wet we were really happy that Sunday came with beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures.

The boys spent a lot of time on the BB gun range.

I don't know why but the Youngest thinks all good shots come from down low.

They're both pretty good shots.

Dad's not a bad shot either.

They had a short archery lesson

And then spent a while trying to shoot. Neither of them did very well and both agreed they like guns better.

The man next to them agreed and after trying for a while and never hitting the target he put his bow down and said "That's why I hunt with a gun"

The Island King surprised us and hit the target every time. Not in the middle but he did hit it so that's got to count.

Spending Halloween weekend at Fam Camp was fun. I missed our Halloween traditions though and hope we get a different date for camp next year.