Sights of Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving at my parent's house and the weather was perfect.

Cousins on the beach.

The Youngest Island Boy talking on his banana phone. The bamboo is his antenna.

He told me he was calling alien monkeys.

My sister found a baby Horseshoe Crab shell.

Seawall jumping - even though that's not allowed.

My niece loves the beach but doesn't like sand on her feet so she has to go sit down every few minutes to brush it off. She gets the sand off and then runs right back down to the beach to play again.

Sisters in the hammock.

My Dad in his "tacky people" apron.

He told everyone that he wears that apron every year and that some years it's true but this year only half the people there were tacky. Then he said "I'll let you figure out which half you're in" LOL

A birthday cake with a turkey candle for a cousin who turned 8 the day after Thanksgiving.

After dinner the shovels, which I'm pretty sure my Dad had hidden, were found and the digging began.

Give these kids shovels and they could dig a tunnel to China.

My Dad will get to spend all day Friday covering the holes up.

A spectacular sunset ended the day.

I'm thankful for so many things and living in paradise is very near the top of the list.