Tropical Storm Ida

I know this is going to sound odd but I really enjoyed Tropical Storm Ida.

I'm sure a lot of that has to do with her making landfall over in Mobile and not here in Destin.

We got a lot of rain, big waves and a little wind but that was all. Which is just how I like it.

On Monday afternoon officials decided to close all of the schools in our county for Tuesday since no-one was sure how much wind we would get - which meant school would be out on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday for the already scheduled Veteran's Day holiday.

A weekend right in the middle of the week is really nice and the Island Girl was pleased that she could sleep late on her birthday.

We went down to the beach Monday afternoon to look at the waves, which were pretty big.

We stood there watching this surfer try to get out past the break.

He couldn't go under, over or through them and ended up just getting beat up by wave after wave.
A man standing next to us said the guy had been out there for almost an hour and hadn't been able to catch the first wave.

He finally quit fighting and let the waves bring him back to the beach.

He carried his board up to the dune line and then promptly fell out.

Poor guy. Riding those waves in would have been fun but getting out there was just too hard.

A little farther down the beach some skim boarders had the right idea.

On a skim board you ride the waves as they break at the beach, which means not having to get way out there behind the big sets coming in.

We wandered along the beach in the rain for a while and then headed for home and dry clothes.

Good food, a little wind and a lot of rain made for a nice break from our normal Monday night routine.

I'm not saying I would welcome a tropical storm every day but it would be nice if all our tropical weather could be as nice as Ida.