Saturday, November 7, 2009

We Ate The Bait

The weather has been beautiful here and the other day the Island King and his brother decided they wanted to go fishing.

They bought some mullet from the Mullet Man and then headed out into the Gulf, hoping to bring home a boat full of fish.

The Island King caught this Red Snapper, which would have made a really tasty meal if snapper season weren't closed.

But because it is closed this one had to be thrown back.


Not too long after, the Island King felt something strong hit his line and he went to work, trying to bring whatever it was into the boat.

He hooked this Sand Shark on the fin but managed to get him into the boat for a picture.

Shark meat is absolutely delicious but this is a Sand Shark, which is protected.

Daggumit - there goes another tasty meal back into the Gulf.

They fished all day, caught lots of snapper they had to throw back, watched a beautiful sunset as they came back into the Pass and didn't catch anything they could keep.

He called me from the dock to let me know they were back and told me they were cleaning fish. I was on my way to a scout meeting so the boys and I stopped by to see what they caught.

When I walked up I saw them cleaning mullet. Mullet? They didn't catch that.

I teased them a little telling them that I don't think it counts if you eat your bait.

They laughed and told me they didn't care and that when I was eating that mullet later I wouldn't care either.

And they were right. They didn't catch it but that mullet tasted real good.

I'm just glad they weren't using hard tails for bait - those wouldn't have tasted good at all.
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