From Lemons to Lemon Cubes

I picked a bunch of lemons from my aunt's tree and planned on making all kinds of lemony treats - until I caught a horrible stomach virus which literally put me on the couch all weekend.

The lemons are beautiful and I didn't want them to go to waste but certainly haven't felt like making anything with them.

So I squeezed them and was amazed at how much juice I got from them.

I poured the juice into ice trays and froze them

And then put the lemon cubes into a ziplock bag in the freezer until I can use them.

Each cube is about a tablespoon of lemon juice and will be great for making those lemon treats the kids are asking for or just for making lemonade.

Hopefully whatever I make will be great but baking is always hit or miss for me so we'll see. Cross your fingers for me!