It Was A Very Merry Christmas

I can't believe how fast Christmas went this year. It seems like I woke up Thursday morning, blinked, and suddenly it was Saturday night.

We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house.

Of all the gifts you could give my mom and dad - having all of their grandchildren together is their favorite.

It's funny how opening Christmas presents always starts out nice and slow

And then turns into a full blown frenzy?

Christmas morning the kids woke us up bright and early, ready to see what Santa brought and to open the presents under the tree. From there it was non stop all day.

We spent the day at my MIL's house and like my parents, her favorite gift is having all of the grandkids together.

There were more presents to open

And then lots of running wild in the backyard and dinner to eat.

We were home and sound asleep by 9 and even the kids must have been worn out because we spent Saturday napping, playing with new toys and moving slow.

It was exhausting but it was a wonderful Christmas and like the Oldest Island Boy said last night "Now we only have to wait 364 days for it to happen again!"