It's A Bird, It's A Plane...

It's an Osprey. A CV-22 Osprey to be exact.

We were standing on the docks down at the harbor yesterday and looked up to see this Osprey flying really low over the harbor.

These things are so cool!

They are designed with both vertical takeoff and landing as well as short takeoff and landing capabilities and perform like a helicopter but with the long range, high speed cruise ability of a turbo prop plane.

The Osprey is based out of 3 US Air Force bases, one of which being Hurlburt Field.

The 8th Special Operations Squadron operates the Osprey and it was last used to drop humanitarian supplies into Honduras in June of '09.

Even though Hurlburt Field is right down the road from us, we don't see the Osprey very often so we were especially pleased when they did this low altitude fly-by on the harbor.

Thanks guys!