It's a Phone Booth

We were driving through the cabin area of the campground at the Pensacola Navy Base and saw this.

"Stop. I want to take a picture" the Island King tells me.

We stopped and he snapped all kinds of pictures and then wanted me to take one of him in the phone booth.

So I did.

When he finished I asked him what he found so inspiring.

He said "When was the last time you saw a phone booth? When was the last time you talked on a phone in a booth?"

Hmm. That's a good point. I can't remember the last time I saw a phone booth.

I did talk on a payphone in Walmart when my car broke down but it was stuck on a wall with no booth.

Are phone booths gone now and I didn't notice them going?

A few days later the boys were looking at pictures from our trip and saw the phone booth pictures.

"What's that?" asked the Youngest.

Well I'll be. My children don't know what a phone booth is.

The Island King asked if any of them had ever talked on a phone in a booth and all 3 kids said no.

Interesting. A past technology that my children won't ever really know about. Like no remote control for the television or riding stretched out in the back window of a car.

Are there still phone booths in big cities?

Now, I'm noticing and I'm not even seeing phones stuck on the front walls of Jr. Stores like there used to be.

I guess that one on the Navy Base can be considered a hard working antique and for some odd reason I like that we have a picture of it.