Potato Skins

None of my kids will eat the skin from a potato so every time we have baked potatoes for dinner we always have a big pile of skin and a little potato left over. Which really bugs me because I hate throwing food away.

The other night I was scraping plates after dinner and commented to the Island King about all of the waste. I mean really this looks like enough food to feed a small tribe.

"Don't throw that away" he tells me. "I know what we can do with it"

So we piled it all on a baking sheet

Added salt and pepper

Brushed some melted butter all over it

Added some cheddar cheese

And baked until the cheese melted.


The kids ate it for a snack later and there wasn't even a tiny piece left.

Adding cheese and butter probably takes away from the nutritional value of the skin but it was SO good and we ate every bite.

Now they want potatoes every night - just so they can eat the skin LOL