They Know Me Well

A few days before Christmas I told the Island King that I was beginning to wonder what my parents were getting me for Christmas because my Mom had not asked me what I wanted.

She always asks, several times through December and this year she didn't ask one time. She asked what the kids wanted and what the Island King wanted but she didn't ask about me.

Which meant her or my Dad had already picked something out for me.

What could it be?

Christmas Eve we were opening presents at their house and my Dad handed me a small box. I unwrapped it and found one of the best presents I've ever gotten.

A GPS for my car!

I felt like Scarlett in Gone With The Wind - "As God is my witness I'll never be lost again!"

Most people really only need these when they travel but I am completely lacking any navigational ability whatsoever and have spent way too many hours of my life just trying to find my way out of neighborhoods.

It's bad.

The feeling of relief knowing that if I program in my home address I will always have a voice telling me how to get there is incredible.

I don't think you can truly appreciate a gift like this unless you've spent half of your life wandering the earth - lost.

Christmas Day brought another great surprise. This time from my FIL.

The Island King was handing out gifts and handed me what looked like a jewelry size box from my FIL. He commented that it sure was heavy for a little box.

I opened it to find this

Yes! I've been wanting to get up to Tower Camp for some target practice for a while now and this is just what I need.

His family teased me saying that I'm the only woman they know who would be more excited to get 38 shells than jewelry.

It's true. You can only wear jewelry but you shoot bullets - which I thoroughly enjoy.

We had a great Christmas and I loved all of the gifts we got but these two are exactly what I need.