A Boat Ride Would Be Nice

I was looking out my frozen window yesterday dreaming of a boat ride. A warm boat ride.

I wouldn't mind spending some time trolling for mackerel along the second sandbar in this boat.

It would be even better if the pelican went with us.

Or maybe some trout fishing in the Bay on one of these.

A snapper fishing trip out into the Gulf on one of these "head" boats would be nice.

What about a sail?

It won't be long and this one will be ready for a summer full of rides.

I don't think I've ever seen a boat this color before.

I've always wanted to ride on the rescue boat - but not because I had to be rescued.

These boats like mighty comfortable.

I think my first choice might be this one.

I can see myself now, soaking up the sun and enjoying a tropical drink on the deck.

Join me?