The Marine Biologist

We were on the docks watching a charter boat unload it's catch one afternoon when this woman walked up to speak to the captain.

She's wearing a Fish and Wildlife shirt, meaning she's the fish police, and since our fishermen are pretty riled up right now we were curious about why she was there.

The charter boat captain handed her a Trigger fish, which she took to the next cleaning table.

She had a clip board with all sorts of charts, test tubes and all kinds of other stuff which she laid out on the table.

The Island King approached her and she was very nice, happily explaining what she was doing.

She's a marine biologist who works for the state testing fish stock.

Right now she's testing trigger fish. She determines their age, weighs them and takes several samples to be checked for pollutants.

She collects all kinds of data and then can determine how the trigger fish population is growing and if they are growing too fast or too slow she wants to know why.

She assured us this has nothing to do with population studies used to open or close seasons. I'm sure she's tired of people giving her hell about what's happening with the regulating going on right now so she clears that up pretty fast.

We talked with her for a while and she told us how much she loves being a biologist and that while she spends a lot of time in the lab she still can't believe she gets paid to hang out on the dock.

She does have to deal with these guys trying to steal her samples though.

They're relentless.