My Bird Boy

On New Year's Eve we drove over to Pensacola to see the replicas of Christopher Columbus's ships, which were docked at the Palafox Pier.

After we'd seen the boats we sat down in the circle at the end of the pier to soak up some warm sun.

There was a flock of pigeons on a nearby rooftop

And it wasn't long after we got there that they started flying, a few at a time, down to the grass we were on.

The Youngest really wanted to feed them so he got some bread from our picnic basket and knelt down, offering them pieces of the bread.

He was a little nervous as they got comfortable with him and started getting closer and closer

But he was having so much fun

That he relaxed and became the bird whisperer.

Those birds really liked him and he's now been nicknamed Bird Boy.

They liked that Wal-Mart white bread too.

I know birds can carry diseases and once he was done, his sister and I scrubbed him from head to toe with liquid soap, antibacterial wipes and lots of hand sanitizer.