New Year's Eve - Island Family Style

We spent New Year's Eve at my BIL's house and we hadn't been there long when my BIL brought out a handful of mortars. He shot one off and then it was the Island King's turn.

I took his picture

Because when you mix him and fireworks there's always an incident of some kind - and pictures always make the story better.

Too bad the camera picked moments after I took this picture to spaz out and not work so I couldn't take any pictures of what happened next.

Right after I took this picture he lit the mortar and for a minute we had a high in the sky firework display.

As the last bit of color fizzled away a deputy rolled up.

Which might not normally be a problem but these particular kind of fireworks are illegal in Florida.

They aren't illegal in Alabama and the border is only a short drive away so the Alabamians have figured out that if they line the border with fireworks stores the Floridians will come and they will buy lots of fireworks.

Which means there were illegal fireworks going off in all of the neighborhoods around us but it was our street that the deputy happened to be driving down at the exact same time we lit the fireworks.

He asked the Island King and his brother if they were shooting off illegal fireworks and since they were standing next to the still smoking mortar remains there was no point in trying to deny it. It didn't help that there were 2 more visible in the Island King's jacket pocket.

The deputy was nice and just gave them a warning but he did take the two we had left.

And as soon as the deputy left they came back up to where everyone else was and started telling the story. Which is when the camera started working again.

While they are telling everyone what the deputy said my FIL walked up and said "Well, what are we going to do with all of these?"

He had a big box of fireworks he'd gotten earlier in the day but lucky for us these fireworks weren't the illegal kind so we knew we'd be able to light them off.

Which we did.

What is it about kids and fire? There were a bunch of punks (sticks to light fireworks with) in the box and they were all happy to stand around the fire and just hold the punks while they burned.

They had sparklers too which made them all very happy.

There were snowball fights on the Wii and for a kid who's never used a Wii before the Island Girl did really well.

We ate lots of good food and watched the REALLY drunk neighbors stand in the road, howling at the moon.

It was a fun night and we rang in the New Year with good food, family and friends.

Which in my opinion is the best way to start a new year.