Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Paparazzi Is Born

While we were watching the Jousting Tournament one of the riders got hit on the ankle and after the match he rode his horse off to the side and got down.

He was obviously hurt and the Youngest Island Boy took off running to "go and see."

It wasn't until we got home and I looked at the pictures he took that I realized my son is a Paparazzi.

EMS were on standby so the man sat down to wait for them to get to his side of the arena and check him out.

And there was my son, taking his picture. His injured, defeated picture.

My first thought after seeing that picture was that I needed to have a talk with the Youngest about boundaries and about not intruding on personal moments with his camera.

And then I saw the video he took. The video camera is part of our cheap little point and shoot camera and it has no zoom. So if you're seeing something up close it's because the person with the camera is standing very close.

I was going to edit the video but his running makes me laugh every time I watch it so I left that in. It shows the urgency of his mission to document the event.

I almost fell out of my chair after seeing the video. This poor guy was hurt and my son was RIGHT in his face with a video camera.

The batteries in the camera died right after this video so the man was spared from more video but the dead camera only caused my child to turn his attention to the EMS crew that were tending the man.

He says he told them that we had a first aid kit in our car if they needed it. They told him thanks but that they had everything they needed.

The next words out of his mouth were "My Dad used to be a paramedic so he can help if you need it."

Again he was told thanks but that they had everything under control.

Now, I have no doubt that I need to talk to the boy.

I had no idea we'd created a little Paparazzi but it seems that we have.

I think I'm going to blame this one on his father.
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