Tree Repelling

We were eating lunch at my parent's house on Saturday when my Dad looked at the Youngest Island Boy and said "After lunch let's show everybody what you were doing in the tree last week."

The Youngest got excited and started telling his cousins all about "repelling" out of the tree.

We finished our lunch and went outside to see what he'd been talking about.

My Dad tied him into a makeshift rope harness

And then the Youngest started climbing.

His cousins watched

And when he got to the top of the tree he yelled "I'm comin down!" and pushed himself off the branch.

He swung out and then up against the tree and back out again several times before finally touching the ground.

Obviously the boy did not inherit my fear of heights.

I'm starting to wonder if he and his grandfather should be supervised when they're together.

I've heard tales of picnics on the roof and now I'm seeing tree repelling in a makeshift harness.

I should put the Orthopedic doc on speed dial.

*******This post was approved by the Youngest Island Boy**************************