Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Ballet Date

The Island Girl is taking a music class at school and one of the requirements is that she attend several performances at our local Arts Center.

She went to an opera with some people from her class right before Christmas and now it was time for her to see a ballet.

The Northwest Florida Ballet put on a production of Dr. Coppelius' Magic Toy Shoppe Saturday night and when I mentioned that to the Island King he said "I'll take her."

We were eating dinner and when he said he'd take her everyone got quiet and then all four of us started laughing.

Dad at the ballet? That is just not something any of us could see his redneck self wanting to do.

He got a little indignant and told us that he enjoys a little culture now and then and that he really did want to take her.

Saturday rolled around and when it was time to get ready the Island Girl asked him what he was wearing.

"I'm wearing what I've got on right now" he says.

She looked him up and down and then looked at me and said "Mom, you're going to do something about this, right?"

So I had to tell him that the jeans, t-shirt and flip flops he was wearing aren't exactly going to the ballet kind clothes.

He smirked so I'm hoping that he actually knew that LOL

I also warned him not to yell. No laughing unless others are laughing, no booing and certainly no "Take it off, baby!"

Island Girl was a little worried but I assured her that it is possible to dress him up and take him out on occasion without something embarrassing happening.

He came out of the bedroom and surprised us both - in his tux and wearing a bow tie.

He really cleans up well.

And the Island Girl looked beautiful as always.

He's never worn a bow tie before but has decided that he's not young anymore so he's going for the eccentric look.

I like it.

Island Girl really enjoyed her date with her Dad and told me that he was a perfect gentleman all evening. And he didn't embarrass her one time.

They enjoyed the ballet but both seem to agree that ballet isn't their thing.

They said it was interesting but that the KISS concert was much better.

You can lead a horse to water but you just can't make him drink LOL
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