The Blue and Gold Banquet

Last Sunday evening was our annual Blue and Gold Banquet, which is a Boy Scout event held each year to celebrate the boys and everything they've accomplished.

The Oldest Island Boy is a Webelos and will be crossing over from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts next month so this was his final Cub Scout event.

The Webelos sang a song for everyone and for the week leading up to the banquet the Oldest was very excited about getting up on the stage and singing for everyone.

But then the moment of truth came and we almost had to force him to go up there.

And once up there he made sure to get behind everyone else.

He told me it was exciting to think about doing it but when the time came he wanted to hide behind the curtain.

Thank goodness he didn't have a solo to perform!

The Youngest Island Boy earned quite a few belt loops and his Wolf badge.

Don't you just love the untucked shirt? I actually ironed his uniform - which is a big deal for me because I NEVER iron - so he would look nice and then the first thing I noticed when he went on stage was that his shirt was untucked.

Proof that no ironing deed goes unpunished.

The Oldest also earned belt loops and achievement pins and was just as nervous going on stage to get them as he was when they sang.

And by that time his shirt was untucked too.

I'm giving the iron away.

My parents were there and enjoyed seeing the boys recognized for their hard work.

We have a great pack leader but he gets a little long winded and the evening started getting longer and longer.

At one point as he was bringing things to a close he started telling another story and my Mom whispered "Good Lord!" under her breath which struck me as really funny.

I'm one of those people who gets tickled at the most inappropriate times and the harder I try not to laugh the worse it gets.

I was trying so hard to keep it in that my whole body was shaking and the next thing I knew the Island King was trying not to laugh too.

The Island Girl realized what was happening and she started giggling which caused my Mother to glare at us across the table and that just about did me in.

It took a few minutes but we were able to get ourselves under control and thankfully the banquet ended soon after.

It was a nice evening and even though my sides ached from not being able to laugh out loud we had a good time.

Thanks for coming Mom and Dad!