Do It Yourself Ear Piercing

The Island Girl wanted to have her ears pierced again, just above the first piercings, so she can wear 2 sets of earrings.

I had 2 holes in each ear for years (the second set have long since closed up) and considering all of the places kids her age want pierced I decided that a second set of holes in her ears wouldn't be that bad at all.

Just before dinner time she showed up and wanted to go have them pierced right then.

I told her that I would take her later in the week but she kept insisting that she wanted it done TODAY.

"Unless you want me to do it with a stick pin and a potato like a friend did mine, then you need to wait" I told her.

She wanted to hear that story so I told her that when I was a teenager I wanted a second set so a friend numbed my ears with ice, put a potato behind them and then rammed a stick pin through them.

Surprisingly, it didn't really hurt.

The next thing I knew she was on the computer and telling me that it really did look easy and that she wanted them done today.

Her father walked in, heard the conversation and said "I'll do it for you right now and can do better than a stick pin and a potato."

She was hooked.

The Island King brought in the supplies he'd need and offered to get started.

Both of the boys freaked out but she knew he was only kidding.

So he went rummaging through our medical supplies and came back with what he really needed.

Alcohol for sterilizing everything, a bottle cap to put behind her ear (instead of a potato)a glass container to sterilize the earrings in, a pen to mark where the holes would go (so they'd be even) alcohol pads for cleaning her ears, a needle for the piercing, tweezers for handling the earrings after they were sterile, a gauze pad in case there was blood and Neosporin and Q-tips for after to prevent infection.

He scrubbed his hands, doused them with alcohol and he was ready.

She held an ice cube on her earlobe until it was numb

Her ear got numb, I cleaned it with an alcohol pad and it was time for the moment of truth.

He stuck the needle right through and in a flash her ear was pierced.

He did the other side and in under 5 minutes the whole thing was over.

No blood and no tears.

And she's a very happy camper.

The Island King continues to impress me with the things he can do.

Now, if I could just get him to do the laundry I'd be a happy camper too.