More Babies

Remember the momma and kittens we found back in September?

We decided to keep all 3 of them and I looked into having the momma fixed.

But what I read was that we had to wait until she finished nursing.

What I didn't read was that if you don't take the kittens away from momma she'll nurse a lot longer and apparently can get pregnant again.

Which she did.

And guess what we found under the box springs of our bed the other morning?

There are 4 of them and I am already in love.

We dug them out and put them in a basket in my closet, which seems to be somewhere momma feels safe because she hopped right in the basket with them and has been completely content since then.

Once we realized she was pregnant the Island King immediately started telling me not to get attached to them. We've already got 4 cats and 2 dogs and we CAN NOT have any more animals.

"This isn't a farm, you know" is one of his favorite expressions and I heard that a lot before the babies were born.

As much as I'd love to keep all 4 of them I realize that 8 cats and 2 dogs really are too many animals.

But there is one baby in particular that all of us fell in love with us and even though he's protesting the Island King knows we're keeping that one.

He did tell me yesterday that he's already called the vet and made an appointment to have momma fixed exactly 8 weeks from now.

And I've already found homes for 2 of the kittens and I have a 3rd person to talk to that probably wants one as well.

There is a solid white one

A gray and white one

A black and white one

And this little striped one - which I've already claimed.

My Dad saw them yesterday and just shook his head telling me that I'm worse than my sister. Which is saying something because she's always had a house full of animals.

I guess I've become "that crazy cat lady" because in my opinion you can never have too many cats.

It's a good thing I have the Island King to balance me out or I'd have dozens of them.