Boy Scout Jamboree

Did you know that this year is the Boy Scout's 100th birthday?

On Saturday we attended a Scout Jamboree out at the fairgrounds.

Inside were displays all of kinds.

I know that fly making is an art but I had no idea how much work goes into each fly.

This flying squirrel was so cute. I've never seen one up close and didn't realize how soft and furry they are.

I love owls and couldn't have been happier to see these up close.

The Indian Temple Mound people were there with all kinds of artifacts for us to see.

They have a really awesome pottery collection so if you're ever in Fort Walton Beach stop in and see them.

I'm pretty sure I would fall over dead on the spot if I ever ran into a Rattlesnake this big.

Watching the Youngest walk on these cans reminded me of Kimberlee's post. I'm not sure that the Youngest will be walking on ice any time soon but if he needs to I think he'll be pretty good at it.

Outside, scouts from all around the area were camped and it was really interesting to see their camps.

The boys loved this two story camp.

The most impressive shelter was this one made from pine straw and palmetto branches.

The Scoutmaster told me that they do a camping trip on the Eglin Reservation in January each year and the boys build these instead of bringing tents.

He says they're very warm. Because I'm a girl my first thought was "You know there are bugs in there."

It's an awesome shelter but I'm going to stick with my tent.

I wouldn't mind sleeping in this tent at all.

One of the scout packs built this swing from limbs and rope.

It's all based on balance and counter balance and now the boys want to build one in our backyard.

There was a small alligator and while I felt sorry for the little guy I was glad the boys got to have a hands on, up close experience with him.

There were bouncy houses and big slides which my kids can't get enough of.

We stayed all day and the boys had a lot of fun. The Island King and I enjoyed it too.

Happy Birthday Boy Scouts - and thanks for all you do!