Cache Event

Every once in a while a group of geocachers will decide to get together for a meet and greet.

One of our local cachers planned an event at the Black Pearl on Wednesday evening and we decided it would be fun to go and meet the people who own the local caches and who have hunted ours.

The Black Pearl is a beautiful beachside restaurant next to the pier on Okaloosa Island and I've wanted to go there for a while so the idea of eating in a new restaurant and meeting some new friends was very appealing.

We had so much fun.

We met some local cachers as well as a couple from New England who are here on vacation, saw the event posting on the website and decided to come.

It was really interesting talking to them about the caches they look for up north. Because I cache in a warm climate it didn't occur to me that once it starts snowing there are a lot of caches you can't look for until the snow thaws. I understand that many of the caches are hanging caches versus caches hidden under logs or tree roots.

One of the cachers brought a very interesting Travel Bug.

This is Jenkins.

According to the website Jenkins is a "he" but he seems a little on the feminine side to me.

All of the things on Jenkins are travel bugs as well and he is covered in them. Hat, wig, sunglasses and all kinds of other things are attached to him.

He doesn't travel in caches but instead only makes appearances at caching events and then is given to someone at the event to take to the next event somewhere else.

We enjoyed meeting him too but he's a little on the quiet side.

Even though I had the camera I was too busy talking to people to take many pictures but I did manage to snap this one of our appetizer.

Wasabi Crusted Tuna.

Oh my. It was SO good.

The view from our table was incredible too.

It was a fun evening and it's always great getting together and listening to caching stories.

And I'm now hooked on the Black Pearl. Maybe next time I'll be able to take pics of all of the food before we devour it.