Free Stuff

Ever since we found the wood for our garden fence on the side of the road the Island King has been on a mission to find more.

Our big fence is in sad shape and needs replacing and he's convinced that since he found the wood for our garden fence he can find the wood to repair our other fence.

So he's constantly on the lookout for more wood.

We were driving down the road the other day when he slammed on the brakes and pointed down a narrow trail between two houses. The posts for a new fence had been put up and stacked neatly on the ground was the old fence.

He went to the door and asked about the fence.

It turns out that the man who lives there didn't like the color of the old fence so he's having a new one built.

And he was more than happy for us to haul off the old one.

It had been taken down in sections and I was stunned at what good condition this fence is in.

He says it's only 2 years old which is believable because the wood still looks brand new.

At first I was shocked that someone would tear down a relatively new fence and build another one because they didn't like the color of the wood but the Island King told me to just be quiet and help him load the wood onto the trailer.

Which I did.

We now have everything we need to replace our entire fence. With wood that looks like we just brought it home from the store.

We won't have to buy the first piece of wood and when we're finished we'll have a much newer fence that's in far better shape than our old one.

As we were driving home with the wood the Island King told me that now all he needs to find is some free dirt to fill in some holes in our backyard.

We don't need much but he is adamant about not buying dirt so he tells me that his next mission is to find free dirt.

And not two minutes later we see a pile of dirt on the side of the road.

Which is not something you ever see because our yard trash guys won't pick up anything that's not bagged.

So we stopped and the man who lives there said that he raked up some old dirt and put it by the road, not knowing that the trash guys wouldn't pick it up.

And he'd be more than thrilled if we'd take it away.

Holy cow!

In less than an hour we've collected a fence and all of the dirt we need.

It took about 45 minutes for the Island King to take the fence apart and as he was doing that he found that the fence had been put together with stainless steel screws.

Stainless steel screws that are still perfectly good. Screws we can reuse to put the fence back together.

The next morning I was coming home from the library and saw a pile of oak logs on the side of the road with a sign that said Free Firewood.

We burned every stick of wood we had during our recent deep freeze so I stopped and filled the truck with all of the wood in the pile.

It's not a lot but is definitely a start to resupplying our exhausted wood pile.

The Island Girl keeps calling us rednecks but I am really happy with our run on free stuff.

Redneck or not you can't beat finding stuff you need - for free!