Hit and Run

The Island King and I were sitting at our computers yesterday afternoon and a car drove past the house.

Moments later we heard a really loud crash and knew that car had hit something.

I knew my kids were inside but our street is always swarming with kids and animals and hearing the crash I was sure someone had been run over.

We went running outside just in time to see the car backing up and then pull away.

And we saw this.

They hit our mailbox.

By the time this picture was taken we'd moved the mailbox, which landed on the other side of our neighbor's driveway, back into our yard near the post.

The car pulled away slowly but we were only able to get half of the tag number.

Holy cow! This car just ran off the road, plowed our mailbox down and then continued on their way.

Thank God it wasn't a child or an animal.

We immediately went into Alice's Restaurant mode and took at least 27 8x10 color glossies of the tire track.

And we called the police so we could file a report with Officer Obie.

Who was a really nice guy that showed up about 15 minutes later.

He'd already done a quick canvas of the neighborhood but didn't see the car.

He offered to let us fill out a report so we could file a claim on our homeowner's insurance but didn't really feel like he'd have much of a chance catching the car.

He did say he would be watching for it and we all agree there has to be a dent in the front bumper so he just might run across it.

Surprisingly, our mailbox took the hit really well and all we had to do was sink it back in the hole and rescrew the box onto the post.

And the box that flew across the yard didn't even have a dent in it.

There is a chunk of wood missing from the pole

But isn't something we'd file an insurance claim on.

The guy could have totaled the mailbox and we still wouldn't come close to hitting our deductible.

What are the chances that of all the mailboxes on our street it was ours that got hit?

I'm not even surprised.