Metal Detecting

My Mother gave the Island King a metal detector for Christmas a few years ago and after using it several times he put it away and forgot about it.

He found it in the back of his closet the other day and now has metal detecting fever.

He is loving it.

The Youngest Island Boy is loving it too and is convinced that he's going to find treasure.

He walks along with the Island King and as soon as the detector beeps he's ready to dig in and see what he can find.

A quarter made him really happy.

They found all kinds of things one afternoon last week.

Interesting, but sad to realize so much litter is buried in the sand.

They've only found sixty five cents so we aren't rolling in treasure yet but they are having a lot of fun looking for it.

Who knows - Mel Fisher found the Atocha so the Island King and the Youngest might find treasure too.