Our Squid Encounter

We were sitting on the beach one afternoon when we noticed something rolling along the edge of the shore.

I got up to get a closer look and it was a squid. A live squid.

You just don't see live squid along the edge of the water in Destin and the Island King picked him up for a closer look.

After everyone got a good look we put him back out in the water, hoping that he would swim happily away.

Unfortunately, he did not.

He swayed with the tide for a few minutes and then floated to the top.

Where he turned solid white.

These squid make excellent bait and since this guy was on his last leg when we found him we believe he was in a fisherman's bait bucket and then dumped in the Bay when the fisherman was ready to leave.

We gave him back to the sea and he'll be a tasty meal for some lucky pinfish.

It really is all a big circle.