That Man Caught a Mullet

We passed this man fishing on the beach and just happened to walk past him at the perfect time.

He was reeling in his line to check his bait and was surprised to find a fish on his hook.

We stopped to see what kind of fish it was and were really surprised to see that he'd caught a Mullet.

A nice size Mullet at that.

It's rare to catch a mullet on a hook. Most mullet are caught in cast nets.

I don't know who was more surprised - the fish or the fisherman.

He was really proud of his catch and gladly let us take his picture.

The mullet around here are very tasty, which is not the case for all mullet. Being bottom feeders they don't taste good if they're caught in muddy or dirty water.

So as well as having a tale to tell this man has dinner too.