The Ultimate Kayak

We see lots of kayaks around here. Everything from simple little floatation devices to luxury cruisers.

Every once in a while we'll see one that really stands out.

Like this one.

Comfortable seat. Plenty of leg room. Dry well in the front. Lots of space in the back. Rod holders.

Everything needed for a day on the water.

And it has this.

A GPS Fish Finder.

Which is a kind of fathometer that sends a sonar scan under the water and displays a graph on the screen showing any fish that are down there.

A common item on fishing boats but I've never seen one on a kayak.

The Island King talked to the owner for a while and found out that this man fishes up to two miles offshore.

That would be two miles out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Two miles away from land.

In a kayak!

He says he catches a lot of fish.

He talked awhile about how careful you have to be and how closely you have to watch the weather to be safe.

I have no problem being in a boat offshore but I think I would be too chicken to travel out that far in a kayak.

And I think it must be pretty scary to catch a fish in one too.

I love to kayak but I'm not the most graceful person you'll ever meet and have been known to roll to the side and fall out - many times.

Same in a canoe. We've rolled several times and it's always been my fault.

Which makes me wonder what it's like to reel in a fish that's swimming and diving and fighting your line in one.

Obviously, this guy is much better at staying upright than I am.

I would love to spend the day fishing in the Bay in one of these but I'm going to leave the offshore stuff to the professionals.