Webelos Crossover Ceremony

The Oldest Island Boy has really enjoyed being a Webelos and he's spent a lot of his time working towards his ultimate goal - receiving the Arrow of Light and becoming a Boy Scout.

A real Boy Scout. He's so funny when he says that and I always think of Pinocchio wanting to be a Real Boy.

After 2 years as a Webelos the time has come and he and the other boys in his group have earned their Arrow of Light patch and crossed over into Boy Scouts.

He's not a Cub Scout anymore, Dorothy.

Their faces were painted with 4 marks.

Each mark symbolized the lessons learned as a Cub Scout, a promise to obey the Scout law, the Arrow of Light award and the beginning of a path toward Eagle.

Each boy was then presented his Arrow of Light patch.

They lined up and as their name was called they crossed a "bridge" and were met by the Boy Scouts on the other side.

They were handed a plaque showing all of their achievements

And their shoulder loops were changed from Cub Scout blue to Boy Scout green.

I can't tell you how proud that boy was of those green loops.

He also received a certificate for completing all 20 achievements instead of just the required 15.

We're very proud of him and I hope he enjoys scouting as much as I think he will.

My parents came over for dinner and the ceremony and after it was over we went back to the house where there were presents waiting for the Oldest.

He got a swivel head flashlight, his own mess kit and a set of utensils from my parents.

He likes to cook and is excited about having his own "gear."

His father was sent on a mission to get him a new pocket knife from us.

I should have known that wasn't a good idea.

He came home with a belt knife.

A big belt knife.

It did come with restrictions though.

He's not allowed to carry it around the neighborhood or when he goes out to play.

It's for camping, hiking and hunting only.

But he's ok with that and already has it tucked in his backpack - ready for a chance to strap it on his belt.

We're very proud of you Son and know that you will have lots of happy scouting memories.