A Wonderful Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

We started the day at church and were treated to a guest appearance by Tim Kaufman. What an amazing performer he is! I'm really glad he spent Easter here, singing for us.

I swear every year that I'm going to get everyone dressed and ready a little early so that I can take a family picture but that never seems to work out and the boys start shedding ties on the way out of the church so there's no chance of an after church picture either.

But they looked very handsome.

And were more than ready to trade their 'Sunday Best' for shorts and t-shirts and a ride to my parent's house.

I assumed that now that they were all getting older they wouldn't be interested in hunting eggs anymore but Saturday afternoon I was informed that "you're never too old to hunt Easter eggs" so I rounded up all of our plastic eggs and took them with us.

My mom and I hid 77 eggs and the kids had a ball looking for them.

The only problem was that while Mom and I were hiding them we were wandering around talking and enjoying the weather so we weren't paying any attention to where we'd hidden them.

Once the kids found all they could we did a count and realized there were still 27 eggs that hadn't been found.

The kids hunted some more and came up with all but 13.

We had them wait in the front yard while Mom, the Island King and I went to the back yard to try and find them.

We found 6, called the kids back and played the Hot and Cold game while they looked some more.

We never could find the other 7. Thank goodness they're plastic because they're still out there somewhere.

My Dad cooked hamburgers on the grill and they were so good.

He sauteed onions and peppers and put them in the middle of the patties along with some Colby cheese so each bite was a delicious mix of flavors.

Very, very tasty.

We visited all afternoon and had a really nice day.

We got home and were all sad to start preparing for school to start back in the morning. The boys kept telling me that since they are homeschooled we could have a two week Spring Break if I wanted to.

I told them that indeed we could but that would mean their school year would end a week later than we've planned - which translates into a shorter Summer break.

They decided that didn't sound good at all and that we should just have a one week Spring Break like everyone else does.

Which is really good because summer fever has hit and it's already going to be hard enough for me to get back into teacher mode. I'm not sure I could do it if I had another week off.

Christ has risen, Spring has sprung and Summer is coming.

Ain't life grand?