Here Comes The Bride

One of the disadvantages of getting married on a public beach is that you never know who your wedding coordinator will stage your wedding next to.

A true nightmare moment would occur if you realized your wedding would be taking place mere steps from us.

Which is what happened to the couple who got married last Saturday.

About an hour before sunset two men came down the beach with poles and flowers and went to work setting up a pretty little oasis on the point.

It was obvious that the group behind them were getting ready to leave but we weren't going anywhere and the wedding party was going to have to walk directly in front of us to reach their destination.

Which made my SIL and I nervous.

I was worried that the Island King or his brother would say something embarrassing but it turns out that my SIL was worried about me.

She looked at me and said "If you say "Don't Do It!" I'm going to smack you."

She knows me well.

And then we both warned the kids that they had to get out of the water when the bride walked by because both of us had visions of them doing flips or something that would splash water all over her wedding gown.

My BIL decided that they needed music as they walked by which sparked a debate of what kind of music we should play.

I voted for a funeral dirge, my SIL wanted silence, the Island King voted for Taps and my BIL wanted the traditional wedding march.

My SIL won and we decided not to inflict our opinion of what kind of music they should hear on them.

Right before sunset the groom and another couple walked by but the Island King and his brother were arguing over who plays horseshoes better and didn't notice them.

But then the bride came down the beach.

And stopped right in front of the Island King.

She was waiting for the signal to walk on out to the point and she was waiting right next to my husband.

I looked over and realized he was talking to her.

Oh no. What is he telling her?

Run away? There are other fish in the sea - are you sure you want this one? Don't do it?

After what seemed like an eternity they signaled for her to come and she started walking again.

The Youngest Island Boy and Cousin B both stood up and the Youngest said "You look beautiful!"

Which made her smile.

It was a pretty ceremony.

At one point they both wrote something in the sand

And then scooped up whatever they'd written and put the sand in a jar.

Which I thought was a nice idea.

They weren't out there long and as they all came walking back together the Island King said to the groom "I'm going to tell you what I told her. Never give up. Never quit."

Whew. I'd been afraid to ask what he'd said to the bride earlier.

After they were gone the Island King suggested we go stand on the rose petals they'd scattered and renew our vows to each other.

I told him I'd be glad to but not until we'd written a new contract. There are some things that aren't in the first one that need to be.

Like put your underwear in the dirty clothes basket and not on the floor next to it.

And look for your stuff before you ask me where it is.

I could go on but you get the point.

He wasn't offended because this is not something new. He knows I want a new contract and I want it signed in blood before I say "I Do" again LOL

Fortunately for this bride all went well. I was worried for her when I realized she'd have to get married next to our family but they rose to the occasion and no one said or did anything embarrassing.

Turns out I can take them out in public - Just not often.