His and Hers

The land on the South side of Gulf Breeze has a slight crescent shape to it with each end jutting out to a small point.

On the Eastern point a man has built a huge glass house with a big glass guest house right next to it.

It's big and interesting to look at as you cruise through Santa Rosa Sound.

On the Western point is another giant house.

This house is completely different from the glass house.

While both houses are compelling to look at, the fact behind them is what I find interesting.

The house on the Western point is owned by the ex-wife of the man who owns the house on the Eastern point.

He's got a house on one point and she's got a house on the other.

I would love to know the story behind that.

All I know is that he got his and she got hers.

Too bad she didn't have a better lawyer - she could own both points LOL