Lazy River

The kids were swimming in front of the boat the other day and we noticed that there was a pretty good current running parallel to the beach.

Which gave us an idea.

We walked way up the beach and then got in the water and let it take us away.

We floated along past the boats and people on the beach.

It was like floating down a river - only we were at the beach.

We'd float back down to my BIL's boat

On past it

And down to the point.

Getting yourself out of the current took a little work but we'd pull ourselves out and then walk back down the beach and do it again.

Over and over again we'd walk up the beach and then float back and as we passed other folks sitting on the beach they'd laugh and wave.

It wasn't long before more and more of them started doing the same thing.

An hour later there were so many people floating along in the current and then walking back to do it again that if felt like the local's version of the Lazy River at Big Kahuna's.

A lazy day on the lazy river - right here on the beach.