Tower Jumping

I don't know what it is about jumping off the top of a boat that appeals to my kids but they would rather jump off a boat than ride on one any day.

We were sitting on the beach at Norriego Point and the kids started climbing up on the tower and jumping off again over and over again.

And it wasn't long before the grownups got in on the action.

The Island King decided to do his GQ pose as he jumped.

The Oldest Went for the GQ look also but he may have missed the mark.

My BIL took the NesTea Plunge

This went on for hours.

The Oldest Island Boy got a little fancy

So my BIL followed suit.

The Island King tried a Swan dive that didn't work out too well.

My SIL did the Egyptian

Until she got close to the water and changed her mind.

Cousin C didn't want to jump off the boat but she liked being tossed in the air.

There were some people down the beach from us that walked up and said that what we were doing sure looked fun and could they jump once or twice.

And these folks stopped to watch.

We attracted a lot of attention from the boats going by and put on quite a show for the people in the restaurants across the Harbor.

Maybe we should form a circus.