Peacock Encounter

As tired as I was Monday morning I woke up just as it started getting light out.

The Island King, his brother and the Youngest were all still asleep so I tiptoed out of the camper and went out to watch the day arrive.

We were facing the East so I knew the sunrise would be incredible and I wasn't disappointed.

I settled into a chair with a cup of coffee and before long the sun rose directly in front of me over St Vincent Sound.

I thought about getting the camera but it was inside the camper and I was perfectly content sitting in my chair so you'll just have to trust me when I tell you it was a beautiful sunrise.

After the sun rose I went for a walk along the beach towards the public boat ramp that sits next to the campground.

The ramp was busy with fishermen and a few boat loads of BP workers headed out to check the booms.

I love boat ramps and almost always see something interesting happen when I'm around one.

This day was no exception because as I walked around the front of a truck I came face to face with a peacock!

I know a lot of people see them all of the time but I've never seen one just out and about in the world and was shocked when I saw him.

I turned to the guy in the truck and said "Hey there's a peacock!"

He gave me a "You're not from around here are ya?" chuckle and told me that the peacock lives in the campground and that he wanders all over the point.

I hurried back to the camper and ran inside telling the sleeping people to wake up that there was a peacock wandering around and they had to come see it.

The Island King opened one eye and said "Yeah, he lives here. I took some pictures of him by the pool the other day."

"You knew about this and didn't mention it to me?"

I'd have been in serious peacock hunting mode if I'd known there was one to find.

The Youngest has never seen a peacock wandering around a campground either so he jumped up and off we went to see him.

I wish I had one of these wandering around my neighborhood.