600 Feet Up

The Youngest Island Boy spent last week with my parents and the first thing he wanted to do was go parasailing.

His brother went last summer and parasailing is all the Youngest has talked about since then.

Now it was his turn.

My parents took him to Pensacola Beach and he and my Dad were off to sail through the sky.

Their parasail was a giant smiley face, which the Youngest really liked.

Up, up

And away they went.

They sailed through Santa Rosa Sound with Pensacola Beach to the south

And the Naval Live Oaks Reservation to the north.

The boat captain dipped them when they were coming in which he loved almost as much as he loved being up in the air.

He called me when they got back to the beach and said "I was flying high Mom!"

I'm glad he had fun and thanks Mom and Dad for taking him. His mother is too chicken to fly higher than the third rung of a ladder and his father won't admit it but he won't go higher than the roof.