Boy's Weekend

My trip to Indian Pass started as a boys only fishing weekend for the Island King and his brother.

They were on a mission to catch some tripletail and maybe a red fish or two.

Tripletail like to hang around buoys so my BIL designed what he calls a TAD - Tripletail Attracting Device.

Some Styrofoam blocks, rope, weights

And he'd created his own tripletail reefs.

Too bad that after all that work the only thing he caught was this sailcat.

The Island King landed the only tripletail.

It was too small so back it went and they returned to camp empty handed.

Saturday afternoon brought stormy skies, wind

And lots of rain.

The Island King said the camper was rocking and the wind was blowing but they were well prepared to ride it out.

The storm moved on through Saturday evening and they were able to do a little fishing from the beach.

Where the Island King caught this.

He let him go but stingrays taste a lot like scallops and would have made a great meal.

After spending Friday and Saturday together they decided they'd had enough brotherly bonding time and called me to come over on Sunday.

I'm glad they had fun and I was happy to go over and keep them company for the second half of their trip.