Hanging With The Guys

It seems like I've spent most of the past week with these three guys.

My SIL and her kids are in Ohio visiting family, the Oldest Island Boy has been on his summer visit with my parents and the Island Girl doesn't like to go outside. Ever.

So this week it's been me, the Island King, his brother and the Youngest Island Boy.

Hanging out.

And what I've learned this week is that these three are even odder than I thought they were.

They like to pose for pictures and pretend their male models.

I think the little one is beautiful but I'm pretty sure the bigger one has no future in the modeling world.

My BIL spends all of his time daring the Island King and the Youngest to do stuff.

I dare you to jump off the tower in the dark - naked.

I dare you to pet that shark (big, live, Blacktip shark that had just been caught and put on the beach)

I dare you to go stand on the beach and sing Brick House real loud.

The sad thing is that they take the dares.

It should be noted that my BIL loves to hand out dares but to date has never taken one himself.

The worst part about hanging out with them is their mutual love of disco.

I am a firm believer that disco died for a reason.

We rode around the harbor Thursday night with We Are Family turned up loud and them singing and dancing.

This poor guy stared at us like we were from another planet.

I tried to ignore them and enjoy the sunset.

Admire the boats.

Stare in awe at the clouds.

It was beautiful but I could have done without Disco Inferno blaring from the speakers.

I'll be glad when my SIL gets home - I'm not sure how much more of these guys I can take by myself.