A Rabbit Tale

Of all the things the kids yell as they come running into a room I've never heard "Mom! There's a bunny in the garage!"

Until yesterday.

Sure enough, there was a bunny in the garage.

A very pretty little bunny.

Immediately the kids started asking if we could keep him.

As cute as he was I was positive that the last thing we need around here is a rabbit.

I think bringing a rabbit into a house with a boatload of cats, a Rat Terrier and a Beagle is not really a good idea.

But what to do with the rabbit? How did he get in the garage? Did he come in on his own? Did the cats bring him in?

There was nothing wrong with him but he seemed a little small to be away from his mother.

And if the cats brought him in the garage I didn't want to put him back outside for them to mess with again.

We put him in a box with some water, lettuce, apples and carrots and I called the Wildlife Rescue group here to see if they'd take him.

I was told that they would only take him if his eyes weren't open yet or if he was injured so the lady told me to put him back outside and then shoo him off and that he'd go find his family.

I asked about the cats messing with him and she said the rabbit would know they were around and dangerous and wouldn't stick around.

So I made sure the cats were secured and then let the rabbit go.

But he didn't run off.

He started nibbling on the clover and grass in my yard.

And wouldn't leave.

I watched him for a while and then went back inside, hoping he'd eat his fill and then go find home.

He was gone a little later when I went out to check on him so I went about my day, happily thinking that he'd find his way home.


A few hours later there he was outside my window.


The little girl down the street saw him, came running over and made instant friends with him.

And was positively beaming when I graciously gave the bunny to her.

Off she went, home with her new rabbit.

I haven't heard from her Mom yet. She's probably not too happy with me right now.