Yep, It's Broken

The Oldest Island Boy was out riding his bike last Sunday afternoon and around 5:00 he came into the house crying.

He wasn't sobbing or screaming but there were tears and I could tell by looking at him that something was wrong.

He said he'd hurt his shoulder and after we took his shirt off you could look at his shoulder and tell something wasn't right.

The Island King took one look at it and said "He's got a broken collar bone."


The Island King was a paramedic for 12 years and immediately his training kicked in so he got out some gauze and made a sling to hold the Oldest's arm still.

And off to the emergency room we went.

The Oldest was really brave and once his arm was in the sling seemed a little more comfortable.

We passed the doctor on our way to the exam room and he took one look at the Oldest and said "I see you've got a broken collar bone."

An X-ray confirmed that he did indeed break his collar bone.

Snapped it completely in half.

They sent him home with a sling, some pain pills and instructions to chill until we could see an Orthopedic doctor.

How did this happen?

Him and some buddies built a ramp and they were jumping it on their bikes.

The Island King saw the ramp a little before the Oldest fell and tells me he thought they'd be fine.

It was in the grass and he says he thought that if they wiped out they'd be fine.

He's still in trouble for that.

The Oldest says he jumped the ramp three times going kind of slow and that he did really well so the fourth time he got going really fast and then hit the ramp.

He told us he went over the ramp and was real high up and then once he hit the ground his back tire slid out from underneath him.

Then he says "It gets sorta fuzzy after that."

When the Orthopedic doc asked him about it he asked if the Oldest had gone really high and the Oldest got a huge smile on his face and said "I caught a LOT of air."

Even with a broken collar bone the boy is remembering his moment in the air with glory.


The first three days were rough but each day after that he's gotten better and better.

He's able to go to friend's houses and he wanders around the neighborhood some but he also spends a good bit of time resting in the recliner.

The hard part now is keeping him from running and riding his bike and skateboard.

He has a broken collar bone but he also learned that he has good friends.

They sat with him after he fell and then when it didn't stop hurting they helped him home.

And three hours later they were sitting on our porch waiting for him when we got back from the ER.

Which means he's a very lucky boy.