Coast Guard Station Destin's Haunted House

All week long the kids have talked about nothing but going to the Haunted House at the Coast Guard Station.

So Saturday night we piled into the car, drove across the bridge and prepared to be scared.

Well, they prepared. I knew without a doubt that I wasn't going in. Last year's haunted house scared the mess out of me and that wasn't something I wanted to repeat.

But if everyone else wanted to go I'd be glad to ride over with them and then wait outside.

There was a pretty long line but the weather was nice and it was fun to stand there looking at the costumes people were wearing.

This guy walked up and instead of being scared the Youngest Island Boy walked right up to him and said "Hi!"

While we were standing in line the Island King and the kids kept trying to talk me into going inside. And I told them over and over again that when I came out last year I swore I wasn't going back in. Ever.

There was a woman behind me who'd been listening and after a while she looked at me and asked "So you really aren't going in?"

I told her that last year I decided that I'd tried it and didn't like it so I was going to wait outside while the rest of the family went through.

That made her a little nervous and she told me that she likes to be a little scared but doesn't like to be a lot scared.

I laughed and told her that in my opinion this qualified as a Lot scary.

And just as I said that this guy came running through the line.

He was screaming and reving his chainsaw and scaring the living daylights out of people.

He took a long look at the girl in the corner of the picture and told her he'd be waiting for her inside.

That poor girl screamed, grabbed her friend's hand and took off running for the parking lot.

They ran until they were out of sight and I never saw them come back.

The woman behind me started telling her husband that maybe she'd wait outside with me.

At this point the Island Girl started having second thoughts. She tried to get me to go in with her but I told her she'd have to hold her dad's hand instead because I was NOT going in.

She said "But Dad will do something to scare me!"

I told him to tell her that he wouldn't scare her but the man looked right at her and said "I can't promise I won't scare you"

What?! I started telling him that he was her father and that he needed to promise not to scare her. He laughed and said "I'm a boy, if I get a chance to scare her I
won't be able to stop myself."

What is it about scaring girls that the male species never outgrows? My Dad does it too.

At least he was honest with her. I guess.

When we got to the front of the line this guy told the boys they'd be next to go inside.

Which is when the Island Girl decided she'd hang outside with me.

The boys went in and Island Girl and I walked around to the back of the building where the exit was.

About 5 minutes later they came running out, screaming at the top of their lungs.

Well, the Island King wasn't screaming but he was running as fast as the little guys.

They were all wild eyed and telling me that it was even scarier than last year.

Everyone was talking at once and I heard things like "Those scorched pigs hanging on the wall!", "There was blood ALL over that dead person in the bathroom!", "The clowns were the scariest!"

I asked the Island King what he thought and he admitted that it was "pretty scary in there."

I told them that it must have been scary because all of them came running out at full speed.

In one voice they all said "That's because they were chasing us with chainsaws!"

The woman who'd been in line behind us came running out at that point and after she caught her breath she looked at me and said "You were right, that's TOO scary!"

Island Girl and I looked at each other and smiled.

We made the right decision by waiting outside.

Needless to say, the boys are ready to do it again.