Coquina Clams

We were at the beach one afternoon when the boys commented that there were no shells anywhere to be seen.

Oddly, we don't see many shells along our little stretch of the Gulf but we see a few here and there. On this day there weren't any at all. None.

What they didn't know was that hidden, just beneath their feet, were thousands and thousands of shells.

I had them come and stand with me at the water's edge. We waited until a wave rolled over our feet and then wiggled our feet deep into the sand.

When the water receded, the beach was covered with Coquina clam shells.

But in the blink of an eye, the shells were gone again and the beach was perfectly smooth.

Coquina clams live just under the sand, migrating all along the Gulf Coast and from the Caribbean up to the Carolinas in the Atlantic.

The really cool thing about these clams is that as soon as they come to the surface they use a little "foot" to dig themselves back under the sand again.

One minute you see them and the next you don't.