I love Halloween. Scary costumes, jack-o-lanterns, candy - I love it.

We spent Sunday afternoon carving pumpkins

And decorating outside

Ready for trick or treaters.

I'm pretty sure Smudge doesn't realize what's going to happen in that fire pot later.

There was a bit of controversy in our area this year about whether trick or treating would take place on Saturday night or Sunday night.

Personally, I don't understand the problem, you go trick or treating on October 31 because that's Halloween.

But this year we had a few trick or treaters come by on Saturday night.

The Oldest Island Boy's best friend, Mayhem, came by.

At least I think it was him.

He wanted the Oldest to be his date and the Oldest thought that was pretty funny...

Until a group of girls came walking by and then the Oldest couldn't get away from his "date" fast enough.

Sunday morning came and the Youngest Island Boy tells me he's decided he wants to be a girl for Halloween too.

We didn't think he was really serious but I guess he was.

Who knew he'd make such a pretty girl!

It was fun getting him ready and every time the Island King would walk by he'd shake his head and say "I never thought I'd see this day"

He was quite a sight.

The Island Girl was Bat Girl

The Oldest Island Boy decided he was too cool to dress up - until the evening was over and then he told me that he wished he'd dressed up a little bit.

There's always next year - Maybe he and his brother can be the Hilton sisters.

My MIL came by and hung out around the fire with us and my BIL and his family stopped by.

I just love little princesses!

We had a lot of fun and the kids got boatloads of candy but the funniest part of the night was when the Youngest told his grandmother that he had to go inside and take his bra off because that thing was killing him!

Yep, I love Halloween.