Plane Crashes in Joe's Bayou

My mother called last night to tell us she'd seen a blip on the evening news about a plane crashing in Joe's Bayou.

Joe's Bayou is basically in my back yard.

It took about 2 seconds for us to grab the camera and get over there.

We could be considered ghouls but I prefer not to use that term.

Curious sounds better to me.

The crash sight was just off the point on the east side of Joe's Bayou and that's all private property so we stood on the dock on our side of the bayou and watched the lights from the rescue boats as they circled around - most likely looking for passengers.

The photos are horrible because we were just too far away but...

The lights you see are the search vessels

We'd been standing there for a few minutes when suddenly a flair went off quite a ways from where the search vessels were.

I don't know what that was about but one of the rescue boats went flying over there but then all we could see was it's blue light flashing.

We obviously weren't the only people who'd heard the news because what is normally a quiet spot was packed with cars and people standing at the edge of the water.

The newspaper article says the plane went down in about five feet of water and split in half.

Three people were found deceased but it was unknown how many people were on board so rescue boats were searching the area.

According to the paper air traffic controllers at Eglin say the plan dropped off the radar about 7:30.

The plane was on target for the runway at the Destin airport but it was so foggy out this evening that you could barely see your hand in front of your face and visibility must have been almost none.

So sad and our prayers go out to the family of those killed.