Sometimes I Just Can't Resist

This might sound like a horrible thing but there are times when I enjoy messing with my children.

Maybe it's because they enjoy messing with me or maybe I'm just weird like that but it's true.

I don't usually go out of my way to mess with them but every once in a while an opportunity presents itself and I just can't resist.

For example

The boys and I were on a photo shoot with the Island King not long ago and the Youngest Island Boy was immediately fascinated with the wine cellar.

He stepped inside, the devil in me took over and I closed the gate.

He didn't think it was very funny but seemed pretty sure I wouldn't leave him in there long.

He was wrong. I started snapping pictures and teasing him about being trapped in a cage.

He decided he would just wait me out.

What he hasn't learned yet is that I'm better at waiting then he is.

I finally let him out but warned him that we're going to build one of those in our house and that's where he'll have to spend his time outs.

He didn't believe me.

And don't worry, Mom, he wasn't in there that long!